November 12, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning spoke with Tim & Faith recently … and gives us a glimpse into their life together.

The song “Break First” is just one of the highlights from next Friday night’s “Showtime” special with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, a pair of country singers who’ve walked many A COUNTRY MILE together. This morning Tracy Smith tags along:

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are both huge stars on their own, but when they get together — as they did at L.A.’s Staples Center this past July — they can bring the house down.

Nashville’s power couple has already sold out something like 80 shows on their current tour alone, a glittering festival of flirtation and age-defying physical fitness. (Believe it or not, they both turned 50 this year.)

Smith met the McGraws at a place not even they see very often these days: their home in Nashville.

She asked, “When you guys look in the mirror, do you see 50?”

“Depends on what day it is! Some days I see 58, 60,” McGraw laughed.

“I don’t feel like I act 50,” Hill said.

“You don’t,” he responded.

Fact is, they mostly act like a couple in love: Faith and Tim have obvious chemistry, most of the time.

“I work with my husband, but I wouldn’t say that it’s 24/7 marital bliss,” Smith noted. So she asked, “There are fights?”

Yeah, they both agreed, though Tim added, “Usually it’s her fighting with me; I don’t fight with her!”

“Yeah, I like to fight,” Faith said. “I like a good fight!”

“Well, we’ve had some good ones,” McGraw replied. “I mean, we’re passionate people!”

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November 9, 2017

Here are some images from the new feature in Billboard magazine of Faith & Tim.

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Faith Hill Online > Outtakes > 2017 > 002

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November 9, 2017

Here are more images from last night’s CMA Awards … including ones of Tim & Faith performing!

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Faith Hill Online > 2017 > November 8 | CMA Awards
Faith Hill Online > 2017 > November 8 | CMA Awards – Ceremony

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November 9, 2017

Tim & Faith are featured on the cover of the new Billboard Magazine which hits news stands tomorrow! gives us a highlight of the feature.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are hosting a meet-and-greet before their Friday-night concert at the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. As is the custom for touring artists, they make jovial chitchat with fans, many of whom have bought VIP ­packages; then everyone poses for a photo, which likely ends up as part of the family’s Christmas letter.
Hill, who hasn’t toured in over 10 years, can be ­skittish with strangers, but when fans — mostly couples — enter the black-draped photo area, McGraw puts them at ease. “You look like trouble,” he chirps at one guy with a ­goatee, who hasn’t been ­trouble in a few decades. To a woman who’s much slimmer than her man, he says, “You could have done a whole lot better than him.” The photographer snaps a photo, and the husband exits, delighted — as does the wife, perhaps with a new idea in mind.

Toward the end of the 20-minute event, two parents urge their shy 9-year-old into the photo area. Hill squats down and exclaims, “Oh, you’re so cute!” McGraw kneels too, and the boy smiles anxiously. “You’re not that cute,” declares McGraw.

Snap. Another great photo.

With a combined 100 years of life on earth and nearly as many hits, Hill and McGraw are as familiar as relatives to country fans, their images and reputations well defined: mischievous but sensitive Uncle Tim and gorgeous, sensible Aunt Faith, who put her music career aside to raise their three daughters.

After 20 years of duets, they’ve released their first joint album, The Rest of Our Life, and launched the third iteration of their co-­headlining Soul2Soul Tour, which continues well into 2018. Onstage, McGraw is deferential to Hill, if not ­worshipful. Offstage, he’s all that, but salty too.

“I don’t see myself as a ­performer, just as a singer,” says Hill. “But I feel more relaxed onstage now than in the past. To be onstage with one of the greatest ­performers in our generation –”

McGraw interrupts. “Who’s going to be here?”

Hill: No, Tim is really a master at —

McGraw: Garth Brooks is coming tonight? Kenny Chesney?

Hill: Tim’s a master at his craft, and I wish he wasn’t ­sitting here to hear me say this, because he can get a little cocky.

In his 20s, McGraw says, he found it easy to sleep on a tour bus, but not anymore. “This is another part of getting older, because we’re both over 50 now, and…”

It’s Hill’s turn to interrupt: “We’re 50. Not over 50. Let’s make that real clear.”

“No, we’re past 50. Fifty’s gone,” insists McGraw.

He doesn’t sound sad about it.

McGraw and Hill were on parallel tracks in their lives even before they knew each other. He released his first album in April 1993; hers ­followed six months later. When they met for the first time, backstage at a Country Radio Seminar showcase for new artists at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville on March 5, 1994, he was with a girlfriend, and she was separated from her first husband.

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November 8, 2017

Tonight Tim & Faith attended the CMA Awards in Nashville where there song “Speak to a Girl” is nominated! Here is a first look of the couple arriving on the red carpet. Faith wore a black crystal embroidered Armani Privé gown.

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Faith Hill Online > 2017 > November 8 | CMA Awards

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November 8, 2017

Miranda Lambert didn’t realize that Faith stepped into her picture! The result is so great though and it appears that Miranda agrees!

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October 25, 2017

Held at the Montage Beverly Hills in Los Angeles on Nov. 14 and 15, the conference will also include Diplo, Reggie Watts, Lil Dicky and more

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will receive the Legends of Live award next month at the 14th annual Billboard Touring Conference & Awards, a two-day event that unites some of the industry’s biggest artists and executives to discuss the constant changes in the live music business.

Held at the Montage Beverly Hills in Los Angeles on Nov. 14 and 15, the conference boasts a huge talent roster including Reggie Watts, Diplo, Lil Dicky, and more. It will also introduce its first-ever Hip-Hop Power Panel, featuring some of the genre’s top executives from major talent agencies including UTA, Paradigm, Live Nation and London Entertainment.

John Amato, president of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group, says the conference’s mission is even more relevant in light of recent acts of violence that have compromised the sanctity of live music events. “While we cannot make sense of these senseless acts of violence, live music remains a bedrock of our culture and will continue to serve as a common thread of inclusiveness and celebration,” he says. “I’m proud that Billboard continues to bring together the touring community to commemorate the spirit and significance of live music.”

The Billboard Touring Conference & Awards will honor legacy artists, breakout stars, record-smashing tours and powerhouse venues across the country. The Legend of Live award is Billboard’s highest accolade in the live entertainment space, recognizing professionalism and steadfast commitment to the art and craft of live performance. With it, McGraw and Hill will be honored for their professionalism and devotion to the art and craft of performance across their career.

Meanwhile, Lil Uzi Vert will also snatch the Breakthrough Artist award, and nonprofit advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety will take home this year’s Humanitarian Award.


October 25, 2017

This week Faith attended the InStyle Awards where she presented to honoree Petra Flannery. Faith looked beautiful in a cream colored dress by Tom Ford.

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Faith Hill Online > 2017 > October 23 | InStyle Awards – Ceremony

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October 17, 2017

SHOWTIME presents a look into the Grammy® Award-winning superstar couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, and their 2017 World Tour in Tim & Faith: Soul2Soul. Don’t miss the premiere Friday, November 17 at 9PM ET/PT.

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October 16, 2017

Faith spoke with CMT about the memories that her new song with Tim brought to mind when she first heard it.

Music can take you back to any moment in time, but can it take you back more than 21 years? If it’s the right kind of love song, yes.

At least that’s how “The Rest of Our Life” sounded to Faith Hill. In a recent radio interview, Hill revealed that when she first heard the song, she went back to the day she and Tim McGraw decided to get married after meeting (and quickly falling in love) on his Spontaneous Combustion tour in 1996.

“I think both Tim and I agree the first time we heard that song,” Hill said, “it immediately reminded me of us, and the feeling that we had the first time that we admitted and decided that we were going to be married.

“(That) we are going to do this, and there was a comfort and a security about that moment that resonates in this song.” Her husband agreed, adding what turned him on about the song was its intimacy.

“It’s got such an intimacy to the song, and I think that’s what really attracted us as well,” he said.

“The Rest of Our Life” — written by Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid, and Steve Mac — is the title track from Hill and McGraw’s upcoming duets album. And while it takes Hill and McGraw backs to 1996, it may take others back to 1969, because it shares a similar title with the song “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?” from the soundtrack of The Happy Ending.